British Airways to require face masks | The airline advises that passengers should bring enough for the duration of the trip Continue reading British Airways to require face masks at Busines

British Airways to require face masks

British Airways to require face masks

British Airways to require face masks

British Airways to require face masks

British Airways to require face masks

British Airways to require face masks
British Airways to require face masks
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British Airways will require passengers to wear face masks when they next fly with the airline.

In a series of videos just released entitled

Looking forward to welcoming you back

The airline says that,

“We ask all customers to wear a face mask at all times in the airport and onboard.

“As a guide, a face mask could last up to 4 hours, so please make sure that you bring enough for the duration of your trip.

“We’ll ask you to remove it for any passport checks but you’ll be advised to do so by our colleagues.

“Please be aware that some airports now mandate that you wear face masks so make sure you check your destination airport and country guidelines before you travel, so you can arrive prepared.”

British Airways is not alone in requiring masks

Airlines and face masks

Other changes detailed in the videos involve food and drink on board. The airline says that its “new food service requires less interaction with our cabin crew, greatly reducing physical contact.”

“If you’re travelling on a short-haul flight, we’ll be offering complimentary light refreshments and water and hot drinks will be available on request. If you’re travelling on a long-haul flight we’ll be offering a selection of light refreshments as well as hot and soft drinks.”

The airline says that its buy on board short-haul service will be temporarily suspended, and instead there will be a complimentary meal instead.

Not surprisingly, on board magazines and newspapers are being removed.

On the issue of aircraft cleaning, which the airline has been criticised for in recent years, British Airways says that

“We sanitise the key surfaces on our aircraft after every flight, and clean it from nose to tail every day.”

“We sanitise the key surfaces including your seat, armrest, tray tables, seat belt buckle, stowage area, control panels above your head or in the armrest of your seat, overhead locker handles and latches and toilets.”

Interviewed last year, CEO Alex Cruz said the airline had already been addressing this issue.

Airlines emphasise cleanliness and hygiene in fight against coronavirus

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