Time's running out to get a free Nintendo Switch or TV with EE's Black Friday phones | The clock is ticking down on an excellent free gift offer - Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy A70 deals included.

Time's running out to get a free Nintendo Switch or TV with EE's Black Friday phones

Time's running out to get a free Nintendo Switch or TV with EE's Black Friday phones

Time's running out to get a free Nintendo Switch or TV with EE's Black Friday phones

Time's running out to get a free Nintendo Switch or TV with EE's Black Friday phones

Time's running out to get a free Nintendo Switch or TV with EE's Black Friday phones

Time's running out to get a free Nintendo Switch or TV with EE's Black Friday phones
Time's running out to get a free Nintendo Switch or TV with EE's Black Friday phones
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We might still be a week away from Black Friday officially kicking in and yet, we have already seen a plethora of incredible bargains come our way. Of all of these pre-Black Friday goodies, EE has taken our top slot thanks to its impressive freebie offer.

The promotion is simple - buy one of a select list of phone contracts from EE and get a free Nintendo Switch. Not really the gaming type? Not a problem, EE will throw in a 4K TV instead.

As far as free gifts with phone contracts go, this offer from EE is leading the way but with the end date labelled as November 25, time is running out to grab one of these bargains.

You would expect your options to comprise of a list of budget handsets and yet EE has thrown in some top handsets. Options include the Huawei P30 Pro, P30 Lite, Samsung Galaxy A70, Samsung Galaxy A80 and a host of other options. We've got the full list of options for you below.

Huawei phone deals + free Nintendo Switch or 4K TV

Samsung phone deals + free Nintendo Switch or 4K TV

Why should I get my next phone deal from EE?

EE is the UK's fastest 4G network and that fact alone has drawn in a lot of support for their contracts, it has steadily become the most popular network in the UK. You'll also find that it frequently has some of the best phone deals out there on almost every new phone.

EE also offers a few incentives to its customers that sweeten the deal. You can get six months of free Apple Music when you pay monthly with EE and the ability to use Wi-Fi to make calls when you just can't find signal anywhere.

How to activate dark mode for Facebook

How to activate dark mode for Facebook

Dark mode for Facebook has been a long time coming, but it's finally started to arrive, letting you enjoy a more stylish social experience.

It's not just about looks – researchers from Google have found that pixel color has a direct effect on power draw, with black pixels using significantly less energy than white ones. Switching Facebook's bright, white interface to something darker could therefore help your mobile devices last noticeably longer between chargers.

The jury is out on whether bright screens (and blue light in particular) actually have a negative effect on sleep patterns, but white light can certainly be hard on your eyes at night – so if you tend to enjoy checking up on your friends before bed, choosing dark mode could mean more scrolling and less squinting.

With that in mind, here's how to experience the dark side of Facebook on desktop and mobile devices.

Facebook dark mode for desktop

Facebook has started rolling out a new design for its desktop site, which includes an optional dark mode. If you're part of the testing group, next time you visit Facebook on desktop you'll see a notification informing you, followed by a prompt asking you to choose between light and dark designs.

If you're not part of the group, don't worry – the option is likely to be available worldwide soon, but in the meantime you can use Google Chrome to 'force' dark mode on Facebook. This doesn't look exactly the same as the official dark mode will, but it's not too far off.

First make sure you have the latest version of Chrome. If you're not sure, open the main menu, select 'Help' and then 'About Google Chrome', and the browser will find and install any available updates automatically.

Now visit chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark in the address bar, and change the first drop-down box you see from 'Default' to 'Enabled'. You'll be prompted to re-launch the browser, so make sure you save any work first.

Google Chrome force dark mode

When Chrome re-opens, you'll find that every site you visit, including Facebook, now has inverted colors where appropriate. It's not yet perfect (sometimes white parts of images are turned black incorrectly), but it works quite well overall.

To change back, simply return to chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and change the setting back to 'Default'.

Facebook dark mode for iOS and Android

Facebook's mobile app doesn't yet offer a built-in dark mode, but well-known app researcher Jane Manchun Wong has found evidence of its development. We anticipate it might appear for Android, iOS and iPadOS around the same time the new desktop design makes its official debut.

Until then, you can experience the dark side on your phone or tablet using Google Chrome: type chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark into the address bar and change the flags 'Android web contents dark mode' and 'Android Chrome UI dark mode' to 'Enabled'. Once that's done, log into Facebook via Chrome and enjoy the new look.

Dark mode is already available in Facebook Messenger. To activate it, simply tap your profile picture, then tap the 'Dark mode' switch.

We anticipate a full Facebook dark mode for iOS, iPadOS and Android will arrive soon, and we'll keep you updated as soon as we know more. We've already seen the arrival of dark mode for Instagram, and dark mode for WhatsApp is on the horizon, so we expect it won't be long.

Macy's hit by customer data breach

Macy's hit by customer data breach

The American department store chain Macy's has revealed that it suffered a data breach after hackers gained access to its website and used malicious scripts to steal customer's payment information.

The retailer fell victim to a MageCart attack at the beginning of October when hackers added a malicious script to its 'Checkout' and 'My Wallet' pages. If a customer submitted payment information on these pages while they were compromised, their card details and customer information was sent to a remote site which the attackers control.

In a notice of data breach, Macy's provided more information on when it was alerted to the suspicious activity on its site and the next steps the company took, saying:

"On October 15, 2019, we were alerted to a suspicious connection between macys.com and another website. Our security teams immediately began an investigation. Based on our investigation, we believe that on October 7, 2019 an unauthorized third party added unauthorized computer code to two (2) pages on macys.com. The unauthorized code was highly specific and only allowed the third party to capture information submitted by customers on the following two (2) macys.com pages: (1) the checkout page - if credit card data was entered and “place order” button was hit; and (2) the wallet page - accessed through My Account. Our teams successfully removed the unauthorized code on October 15, 2019."

Macy's data breach

As a result of the data breach on its site, the attackers were able to access customer information and credit card information from user's who submitted payments including their first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, email address, payment card number, payment card security code and the expiration date of their cards.

Those behind the data breach had access to Macy's website for a full week before the retailer was alerted to the hack. During that time, they were able to harvest the payment and customer information of everyone who submitted payments on its online store.

Macy's has now begun to send out emails to those who were affected by the hack and the company is advising that they monitor their credit card statements for any suspicious or fraudulent activity.

The retailer is also offering all affected users a free year of Experian IdentityWorks credit monitoring service to protect them against any possible repercussions as a result of the breach.

Via Bleeping Computer

A Nintendo designer reviews your Super Mario Maker 2 levels

A Nintendo designer reviews your Super Mario Maker 2 levels

Video shot and edited by Justin Wolfson. Click here for transcript.

There are over 7 million courses available in Super Mario Maker 2 . And at least seven of them are pretty fun.

Seriously, though, making a good Mario level is one of those tasks that's harder than it looks. So what differentiates a satisfying level from a frustrating one?

To find out, we reached out to both the Mario Maker and Nintendo Switch subreddits and asked readers to submit their favorite homemade levels for review. After sifting through pages and pages of submissions, we picked out a handful of interesting examples for a fuller evaluation by Corey Olcsvary of Nintendo's storied Treehouse product development division.

In the above video, Olcsvary plays through the levels and gives his real-time assessments of what they did well or badly. It's a good sign, for example, when he says things like "when I've been failing I feel like it's my fault." A strong theme can make a level stand out—as with one example here that looks like the inside of a computer. Another course offers players a "sneak preview of... impending doom" via a quick trip through a clear pipe, a touch Olcsvary appreciated. Then there's the largely enemy-free, theme-park-inspired level that proves "you don't need to make a course difficult to make it fun."

Olcsvary also took us behind the scenes a bit, showing how the designers at Nintendo Treehouse used playtesting and feedback to refine a level that ended up used in this year's Nintendo's World Championships . That led to what might be his most important piece of advice: "Get someone to playtest [your level]. You might change it up based on their feedback."

Here are the course IDs for the levels shown in this video, if you want to try them out on your own copy of Super Mario Maker 2:

Big thanks to the members of /r/MarioMaker and /r/NintendoSwitch for letting us showcase some of their work!


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