Best VPN For Torrenting | Let’s admit it right from the start: even though the world governments and big corporations are working hard to stop users from downloading illegal st

Best VPN For Torrenting

Best VPN For Torrenting

Best VPN For Torrenting

Best VPN For Torrenting

Best VPN For Torrenting
Best VPN For Torrenting
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Let’s admit it right from the start: even though the world governments and big corporations are working hard to stop users from downloading illegal stuff online, torrenting is still incredibly popular. If you’re an avid torrent user, then you already know that your ISP can monitor your activity at any given second. But with ExpressVPN, Buffered VPN,, and CyberGhost, torrenting is always anonymous. That is exactly why Virtual Private Networks are so popular these days – they turn you into a “digital shadow” and hide your actions online. It goes without saying that we do not support piracy, but we do care about your security on the Internet.

Important note: the concept of torrenting implies sharing tiny bits of data with other users, and those users can find out your IP without any hacking abilities. A VPN will conceal your actual IP address and make the entire world see a fake one. Before going ahead and taking a look at the best VPNs for torrenting, please keep in mind that noT every single Virtual Private Network supports torrenting. The ones in the following list do.

#1 – ExpressVPN – The King Of Kings
Performance, speed, and reliability are this Network’s biggest selling points. Plus, it offers more than enough servers, which means you’ll always be able to find one that suits you best. The servers, more than 2000 in total, are located in 94 countries around the globe. The encryption protocols are top-notch; the company doesn’t keep any logs on the users. As for the Split Tunneling feature, it allows you to hand-pick the programs/apps that the VPN will protect. For example, you can only select the torrent client and leave everything else out.
There's no free trial – instead, the provider offers a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. The monthly plan is expensive: 12.95 dollars. The 6-month plan, in turn, will cost you 10 dollars a month (with a total of $60). The 1-year plan charges 6.67 dollars a month ($100 once you subscribe).

The Pros:
• Perfect for downloading and uploading torrents.
• 2000+ servers in 148 cities.
• The VPN doesn’t keep any logs.
• The clients for Mac and Windows are of the highest quality.
• Private and highly secure.
• Customer support is great.

The Cons:
• No free trial.
• The monthly plan is quite expensive.
• No simultaneous protection for five devices (only up to 3).

#2 – Buffered VPN – Arguably The Best VPN For Torrenting On Windows
Based in Hungary, this Network provides high download speeds and also comes with a fantastic client for Windows. The Mac client is also great, by the way. Another important fact: Buffered VPN is consistent, meaning you can always rely on it for stable performance. The connection speed almost matches the usual “rates” with no VPN, which is quite impressive. Sadly, there are no dedicated mobile apps – you’ll have to set everything up on your own. No logs, 256-bit encryption, and 24/7 support – that’s what you’ll get with Buffered VPN. The monthly plan costs 13 dollars; the 6-month plan drops the price to $10 ($60 in total).
Plus, there’s a 13-month plan that gives you 30 days of free access to the Network (7.62 dollars for a month and $99 for the subscription). Yes, this VPN is pretty expensive, but it prevails at torrenting.

The Pros:
• Fast connection speeds; impressive performance.
• You can get a refund after 10 hours/10GB of bandwidth.
• The HQ is in Hungary; the US laws do not apply.
• Customer Support is fast and professional.

The Cons:
• Every single plan is expensive.
• No clients for iOS or Android.

#3 – – One Of The Fastest Networks For Torrenting
Important note: this isn't a particularly fast VPN; however, when it comes to downloading files via torrents, very few providers can compete with it. The client is very stylish, and everything is right there in front of you. Performance is always stable and reliable. And, thanks to a smart built-in system, you are always automatically assigned to the fastest server. Add support of the best protocols, a free 2GB plan, and a perfect reputation, and you'll get an all-around solid Virtual Private Network.
There are two packages to choose from. The Plus package comes with a 75GB limit. It will cost you 4.95 dollars a month. The price drops to $3.32 a month with the 6-month plan; ($20 in total); the 1-year plan can be yours for $2.49 a month ($30 for the whole thing). The Platinum package is two times more expensive (that’s true for every single plan); but there’s no limit with this one.

The Pros:
• Comes with a free 2GB plan, enough to see it in action.
• This VPN is fast, stable, and reliable.
• With the Premium package, you'll be able to protect five connections at once.
• The company doesn’t keep any logs.
• For torrenting, is a wonderful pick.

The Cons:
• The Plus package comes with a limit (75GB).
• The Platinum package isn’t exactly cheap.
• Despite the high price-tags, neither one of the plans is packed with features.
• The plus package can only protect one device.

#4 – CyberGhost – Secure, Anonymous, And User-Friendly
In many regards, this is the best pick for torrenting, as CyberGhost offers a very balanced experience for the users. The zero logs policy, the solid performance, and the affordable 1-year plan will definitely attract a wide range of potential customers. Besides, the HQ is in Romania, which means the strict US or UK laws do not apply here. Ad-blocking, Kill Switch, OpenVPN, and 256-bit encryption turn it into one of the leaders in the industry. CyberGhost is equally suitable for surfing the web, watching your favorite shows, and, of course, torrenting. There’s even a dedicated streaming menu that makes watching Hulu/Netflix/other services a piece of cake.
True, the monthly plan is expensive and will cost you 12 dollars (still cheaper than ExpressVPN). But if you choose the 6-month plan, the price will drop to 5 dollars ($30 for the whole thing). And finally, there’s also a 1-year plan that will cost only $2.75 (33 dollars once you subscribe). This plan is not always available, but it definitely is a great deal.

The Pros:
• Stable connections and steady performance.
• Zero-Logs policy.
• Complete anonymity.
• One of the most secure VPNs on the market.
• The clients/apps for every single platform are state-of-the-art.
• Comes with a 30-day MBG.

The Cons:
• The 1-month plan isn’t affordable.
• Doesn’t have as many features as ExpressVPN.
• The bad user reviews can scare off potential clients.
• Might experience below-average performance on specific servers.