10 Most Bizarre Wrestling Title Lineages | All that glitters ain't Goldberg.

10 Most Bizarre Wrestling Title Lineages

10 Most Bizarre Wrestling Title Lineages

10 Most Bizarre Wrestling Title Lineages

10 Most Bizarre Wrestling Title Lineages

10 Most Bizarre Wrestling Title Lineages

10 Most Bizarre Wrestling Title Lineages
10 Most Bizarre Wrestling Title Lineages
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If a wrestling promotion is faithful and committed to building and maintaining a sense of prestige around a wrestling title - over a period of years and years - virtually any match contested for it is an easy sell. It becomes a king maker. It becomes that which it was designed to be: a symbol of excellence, a gold-plated endorsement of a career.

An achievement, not a prop.

The IWGP Heavyweight Championship is the most prestigious in all of wrestling. Built via men who were or would become legends across multiple disciplines - the pioneering, mega-drawing strong style of Antonio Inoki, the innovative technical prowess of Tatsumi Fujinami, the hoss awesomeness of Shinya Hashimoto - the title was promoted as a reward only the hardest, most skilled work could obtain. Even the wobble it experienced in the Inokism of the mid-2000s is marketed wonderfully in the modern era. When NJPW promotes an IWGP Heavyweight Title match, a still image parade of former holders, with a suitably epic brass soundtrack, is broadcast ahead of it.

Even acknowledging this warty history gets it over: it's not immaculate, but it's authentic, and legendary men like Hiroshi Tanahashi have elevated it from the swamp to the stratosphere. Or, alternatively, just get somebody to win a World title because you want to get them over.

It's that easy!

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