The Gathering 2 Postponed to July 2021 | It's been postponed... The post The Gathering 2 Postponed to July 2021 appeared first on 411MANIA.

The Gathering 2 Postponed to July 2021

The Gathering 2 Postponed to July 2021

The Gathering 2 Postponed to July 2021

The Gathering 2 Postponed to July 2021

The Gathering 2 Postponed to July 2021

The Gathering 2 Postponed to July 2021
The Gathering 2 Postponed to July 2021
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T-Mart Promotions rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">has announced that The Gathering event has been pushed back to July 2021 due to the ongoing global pandemic. The event was originally slated for August of this year. You can view the announcement from T-Mart below:

The Gathering 2 update!

People have to understand the time and effort I put in to run this event since last years ended. I was so looking forward to this years event. When Covid virus started I thought for sure by August things would be back to normal but you all can see that Gatherings are still not allowed and events are still not happening. Its June and I think I have sold 3 tickets since Mid march and I don’t blame people for not buying cause it’s too much of the unknown.
I put a message out a few weeks ago and to my surprise a lot of the people who had tickets or I knew for sure were going to get tickets told me they wish I would put it off. I had some talents tell me they would not come and some say if they did how would it look if they took pictures in mask covering their face..

I would have to cancel The Bushwackers cause Butch cant fly in to the states right now cause no one is allowed to come in to the United states. Hotel was very understanding and have helped me a lot. Just so many what if has me going crazy!
After going back and forth over and over on what I should do I have finally come to a decision. I have decided to cancel the Gathering this year. This was a very hard decision for me but I am thinking of the health and safety of my family, the fans the talents and everyone else that planned on attending. Just know that even if I decided to go on with it and Gatherings were not allowed by that date it would be shut down anyway. I was hoping with all the bad going on right now to make everyone happy but it just feels right to cancel.

As far as refunds here is the plan. Please give me a few days to reach out to you as I will do in ticket number order. You will have a choice to keep your number that you got or get a refund. If you take a refund the person behind you will then move up a spot and so on.

Now on to some good news! The Gathering 2 Two Years in the Making has been officially booked at the Hilton University Place in Charlotte North Carolina July 22nd -25th 2021.

Folks we are going to come back loaded next year and blow the roof off the Hilton. We are offering Ultimate & VIP tickets for this event but with a new hotel contract and another year prices for tickets will go up. We will honor anyone’s ticket that had purchased a ticket for the 2020 event at the same price. We are also going to give people who waited until July 1st to get your ticket at the same price but after that the price will go up for the 2021 show.

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