Airbus order a strong endorsement of Titomic technology | ASX News: Shares in Australian industrial scale metal additive manufacturing company, Titomic Limited (ASX:TTT) were up 30% on Thursday morning after

Airbus order a strong endorsement of Titomic technology

Airbus order a strong endorsement of Titomic technology

Airbus order a strong endorsement of Titomic technology

Airbus order a strong endorsement of Titomic technology

Airbus order a strong endorsement of Titomic technology

Airbus order a strong endorsement of Titomic technology
Airbus order a strong endorsement of Titomic technology
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Shares in Australian industrial scale metal additive manufacturing company, Titomic Limited (ASX:TTT) were up as much as 30% on Thursday after management announced that it had received a Purchase Order for a Statement of Work with Airbus.

This relates to the group’s Titomic Kinetic Fusion® (TKF) additive manufacture (AM) of 3D near-net demonstrator parts for a targeted application to be performance tested in mock qualification.

To provide some background, Titomic is positioned to change the value proposition of Titanium, unlocking new applications and opening opportunities that are now technically and economically viable with its proprietary Titomic Kinetic FusionTM (TKF) technology platform.

TKF overcomes the limitations of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for metals to manufacture complex parts without shape or size constraints.

The technology offers production run capability to organisations, which enables speed-to-market, superior products with lower production inputs using fewer resources for a more sustainable future.

TKF exponentially increases productivity

Titomic will support, advise and perform works towards the creation and provision of parts and research data for the advancement of multi-material 3D near-net demonstrator parts for Airbus using TKF additive manufacturing.

This will be achieved through an initial material and process development phase followed by a representative geometry demonstration.

Titomic’s patented TKF additive manufacturing process will be used to create demonstrator parts to determine the end to end process for multi-material additive manufacturing, such that key learnings may be derived and applied to other application specific material combinations.

Commenting on the significance of the Airbus purchase order and underlining the group’s broader position in the aerospace industry, Titomic managing director Jeff Lang said, ‘’We are pleased to partner with Airbus, to demonstrate high performance metal parts produced using the Titomic Kinetic Fusion metal additive manufacturing process with this initial $50,000 part.

‘’The TKF technology, the world’s largest and fastest industrial scale metal additive manufacturing process, is perfectly suited to produce near-net shape metal parts for the aerospace industry using our patented process of fusing dissimilar metals that cannot be produced with either traditional fabrication methods, or metal melt-based 3D Printers.

The unique capabilities of Titomic’s TKF technology surpass the constraints of other metal 3D printing methods creating an inflection point for additive manufacturing to exponentially increase productivity, delivering faster build rates compared to traditional machined aircraft parts.

Titomic and Triton Systems Inc team up with US Department of Defence

This news comes less than a fortnight after the company entered into a strategic partnership with the US-based global product development and technology company Triton Systems Inc to implement Titomic’s Kinetic Fusion (TKFTM) capabilities for validation through R&D projects with the US Department of Defence (DoD).

The two companies signed a strategic agreement which leverages Triton’s extensive access to the DoD and sector expertise with Titomic’s TKF technology to develop innovative products and solutions under the DoD grant scheme, including an estimated R&D budget in 2020 of US$60 billion in 2020 for adoption in project platforms.

Established in 1992, Triton Systems has become one of the most successful US research and product development companies, introducing many products used by the defence and health care sectors, and creating US$3.8 billion in shareholder value via four public offerings on the NASDAQ and the ASX, as well as executing 23 technology merger and acquisition deals.

Triton specialises in bringing specific products to a validation stage where DoD approval leads to product manufacturing.

In this case, the focus will be to enable products manufactured with Titomic’s TKF technology to meet stringent military requirements, including performance in extreme temperatures, robustness, and durability under very demanding operating environments.

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