Kid Rock Bails on His Detroit Restaurant After Backlash Over Oprah Rant | Kid Rock's saying good riddance to the city of Detroit for labeling him a racist.

Kid Rock Bails on His Detroit Restaurant After Backlash Over Oprah Rant

Kid Rock Bails on His Detroit Restaurant After Backlash Over Oprah Rant

Kid Rock Bails on His Detroit Restaurant After Backlash Over Oprah Rant

Kid Rock Bails on His Detroit Restaurant After Backlash Over Oprah Rant

Kid Rock Bails on His Detroit Restaurant After Backlash Over Oprah Rant

Kid Rock Bails on His Detroit Restaurant After Backlash Over Oprah Rant
Kid Rock Bails on His Detroit Restaurant After Backlash Over Oprah Rant
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No Time To Die Just Won’t Let James Bond Retire

No Time To Die Just Won’t Let James Bond Retire

Is it time to let James Bond hang up his tuxedo? No Time To Die seems to think so.

The iconic 007 codename has been in service for decades, but the latest film is seemingly prepping for a new agent to take over. The first full-length trailer for the upcoming spy flick just debuted on Wednesday, December 4, and it seems we may be in for a very different take on the legendary Bond in future installments.

The movie takes place long after the events that unfolded in the previous flick Spectre, finding Bond (Daniel Craig) having retired from active service as an agent. He's since taken up a peaceful life in Jamaica, but that isn't meant to last.

Instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, an old friend (Jeffrey Wright) recruit Bond to help him out with one last job – a rescue mission. The reluctant agent agrees, and soon finds himself tangling with a new villain, portrayed by Rami Malek.

But it looks like there's more brewing than just rescuing a scientist. There's a new 007 in town, and she's not too keen on seeing Bond coming out of retirement. The new agent, Nomi (Lashana Lynch) warns him to stay in his lane when the pair cross paths.

"You get in my way, I will put a bullet in your knee — the one that works," Nomi spits at Bond in the new footage, in a venom-laced tone. If Nomi is the future of the Bond franchise, she's going to make the role hers. We can only hope so, anyway.


No Time To Die looks like it's shaping up to be Daniel Craig's final appearance in the franchise, so if you want to see how everything shakes out, be sure to head out to the theater in April 2020.

A tux is optional, but a martini isn't.

Leona Lewis has named Simon Cowell, Diane Warren, James Arthur and Steve Aoki as new ambassadors for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

Leona Lewis has named Simon Cowell, Diane Warren, James Arthur and Steve Aoki as new ambassadors for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

The 'Bleeding Love' hitmaker has been a patron and trustee of the Essex sanctuary - which provides a safe and loving home for abused, abandoned and neglected animals - for several years, and now she is set to be joined by her former 'X Factor' mentor Simon, the American songwriter, 'Say You Won't Let Go hitmaker and the EDM DJ-and-producer in her work.

Leona said: "I am so thankful to my kind friends for joining me in my mission at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary to promote humane behavior towards animals all over the world, starting right at home for me in the UK.

"Their support of the sanctuary will help us to continue to rescue those animals most in need who have been abused, abandoned or neglected. I look forward to working closely with our ambassadors in raising awareness and funds."

Music mogul Simon has called on animal lovers to get involved with the charity's work.

He said: "As a huge animal lover when Leona told me about the work that they are doing at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary I immediately jumped at the chance to help support. The passion that I felt from Leona was immense and the way she described some of the individual rescue stories to me has made a huge impact.

"They provide a safe home for over 500 animals on 53 acres in Essex and are positively changing the lives of animals that would otherwise have very different stories.

"I am excited to be an ambassador for them and help bring awareness to their work.

"Leona can't do this alone and will need help from others who also love animals.

"Any support will be much appreciated and will make a difference."
Steve said: "I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel the world with my music, which has allowed me to meet and interact with people and animals from all over.

"This global focus is something Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in England embodies as well by caring for so many mistreated, neglected and sick animals from all around the world.

"They actively work to raise awareness for better animal welfare worldwide, and that is something that resonates deeply with me. I'm honoured to be an ambassador for such an amazing cause."

Pop star James is delighted that Leona enlightened him to the "amazing" work Hopefield do and can't wait to spread the word with his fans.

He commented: "The work that Hopefield Animal Sanctuary does is simply amazing - the way they impact animal lives in such a transformative and positive way, giving abused, mistreated and sick animals a forever home makes me feel so proud to be involved. I needed to be a part of the work that they do.

"I'm so happy Leona brought this special place to my attention and I can't wait to let my fans worldwide get to know more about them."

Diane previously teamed up with Leona on the 2016 charity single '(We All Are) Looking for Home', which was released in support of ending the suffering and torture of dogs around the world, in particular the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in China.

The 'Because You Loved Me' songwriter added: "I am very proud to be an ambassador for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in the UK.

"They have been rescuing unwanted and mistreated animals in need for over 30 years, giving them a safe loving home and the medical attention they need.

"Leona has been telling me about them and their mission for years.

"As a sanctuary they do rely on public support so I wanted to lend my voice to help raise awareness of this magical place and the great work they are trying to do."

Leona has designed festive jumpers, with 100 per cent of the proceeds being donated to Hopefield.

To donate and find out more head to
Nick Cave was 'deeply possessive' over his son's death

Nick Cave was 'deeply possessive' over his son's death

The Bad Seeds frontman's son Arthur, 15, fell off a cliff near the family's home in Brighton in 2015 and died from his injuries and Nick has admitted he and wife Susie Bick struggled with the fact the tragic accident impacted on everyone who lived in the area.

In a Q and A session on The Red Hand Files, he was asked for advice on coping with grief by a fan named Hannah whose mother had been killed and he wrote: "The tragedy of my son's death is inscribed into the collective consciousness of the town where we live and where he died. I have had to learn to share the reality of his passing with the town itself, because it affected us all.

"I doubt there was a mother in Brighton who did not feel a chill of horror and cling to her own children a little tighter upon hearing the news of Arthur's senseless accident. But Arthur was our child, our own flesh and blood; Susie and I didn't want to share him with anyone, and we were deeply possessive over his absence."

But eventually, the couple grew to "understand" that Arthur was mourned by their wider community and a lot of people shared the feelings he and Susie had.

He continued: "It took us some time to understand that, while he belonged to us, he belonged to the world too.

"In time, we understood that, although we were the ultimate custodians of Arthur's memory, he was in fact mourned by many and many people felt outraged at the cruelty and randomness of the event, just as we did.

"Susie and I, individually and together had to find a way to be with Arthur, but also to share him with a multitude."

The 62-year-old rocker and his wife were eventually able to find their own place to grieve Arthur and have a "necessary and ongoing conversation" with him.

Hannah's mother was killed by a white supremacist in an attack on a synagogue and Nick told her that her anger was both "justified" and "essential" as she mourns her parent.

He wrote: "It feels to me that the meaning exists within the anger. Not only is your anger justified, it is compassionate and essential and, as you said, connects you to your mother, even as those around you take possession of her, eclipsing your feelings with their own needs.

"The righteous energy of your anger is the flaming sword you hold above your mother's memory. It may be the very thing that protects her, shielding her from the suffocating demands of the world. Perhaps, at this time, your anger is a way of safekeeping the spirit of your mother, of caring for her, of seeking her, of calling her to you. It is a pure and holy anger."

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