Super Tucano on its way to the Philippines

Super Tucano on its way to the Philippines

In the past two days, reports have been circulating online about the delivery of the Super Tucano aircraft for the Philippine Air force.

It was initially reported that the aircraft will be delivered by February of 2020, but this didn’t push through due to the COVID19 pandemic. As a result, it was later reported that the delivery has been moved to July. ( )

2 days ago, AFAC Aviação on Twitter tweeted what seemed to be the Philippine Air Force’s Super Tucano Aircraft, taxiing on the runway in São José dos Campos, Brazil, probably on its way to the Philippines.

Similarly, defense and military journalist “Hunter Press” said on Twitter, and we quote, “At least five Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano from the Philippines are ready to be flown to the country. The aircraft are equipped with three external fuel tanks for transportation.”

The contract for the six "Super Tucano" aircraft worth PHP4.968 billion was issued in late 2017. And according to the Department of National Defense, the Super Tucano aircraft will beef-up the remaining OV-10 Bronco aircraft used by the Philippine Air force in strike missions.

Meanwhile, while most Filipino taxpayers are delighted to hear the addition of the Super Tucano aircraft in the list of the Philippine Air force’s air assets, others are skeptical about the aircraft’s ability to perform well in modern-day warfare, especially considering that the Super Tucano is a turbo-prop aircraft.

However, according to Embraer, the Super Tucano aircraft is a combat-proven, cost-efficient solution with extensive operational flexibility across the spectrum of mission portfolios, equipped with modern-day systems and with combined multiple weapons configurations capable of meeting the demands of air combat and airfield operations.

In southeast Asia, the Philippines is the 2nd operator of the Super Tucano aircraft following Indonesia.

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