Fall Down Seven Times, and Stand Up Eight.

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Fall Down Seven Times, and Stand Up Eight

Fall Down Seven Times, and Stand Up Eight


Why does everything in our life are so complicated or is it just a bad luck for ourselves? Almost everything are associated with problems and there is always something new happen to us. If we not solve the problem in length and width, there comes a trouble in height then might be followed by falling down for us. Fortunately, every time we have a parachute while we are falling so we can get back on our feet , then start again to go up. Keep climbing the ladder of success but when we think we do well there will be a setback for us. Because sometimes we meet the wrong people or misjudged on things, will causing us into a big downturn position. We had another lesson learned for what not to do in the future with our countless experience so we can avoid a good feeling turned into frustration. Don’t give up hope and let the positive energy being converted into negative, we should continue to pursue for our goal instead. Never give up and every time when we fall down, should stand up back stronger and continue our mission to achieve what we have aim for. Because when we may fall down seven times and rise up on the eighth then we will come back only more stronger and can stay focus on our actual goal. And if  we able to achieve our goal that gives us so much satisfaction and joy so we always welcome this life lesson that will made us stronger. We should forget the past and look for a better future with happiness.


I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Fall Down Seven Times, and Stand Up Eight

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